Steven Pavon: Producer

Steven Pavon, born in Brownsville, Texas, started his career as a certified automotive technician. Raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Steven would eventually develop a love for film making after working with Rusty on several projects. After starting a production company with Rusty, he became a full time filmmaker, gaining experience by editing/shooting award winning short films, editing/shooting spots, composing for t.v./radio spots, composing for award winning short films, and editing for Discovery and National Geographic which would lead to editing, shooting, and composing for the award winning film Summer of the Sharks. Steven came from a strong musical background playing various instruments in jazz, classical, and 6 years playing guitar professionally for various south Texas mariachis.
Rusty Armstrong: Director

Rusty Armstrong graduated from U.T. in Austin, with a B.S. in radio, television, and film in 2003. Born in Brownsville, Texas, Rusty grew up in the Rio Grande Valley where he developed a passion for film making at the age of fourteen. After high school, he naturally pursued a film degree and started his own production company; Endless Perseverance Entertainment. Rusty would gain experience by directing and writing several television spots, award winning short films, editing music videos, editing for Discovery, editing for National Geographic, and eventually directing the award winning Summer of the Sharks.

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